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    Sean Robinson


    Doh! <slaps forehead> I see, now. Yes, my instructions above have an error. The pipe file name must match in all steps. So “SARndbox.fifo” in steps 4 and 5 should be “SARndbox.pipe”. Sorry.

    Good catch. Will you be posting video anywhere of your sandbox running with alternate liquids and matching colors?

    Updated/Fixed steps to change color maps in a running sandbox:

    1) If not already done, add a control pipe in the folder you launch SARndbox. In a terminal window, run mknod SARndbox.pipe p to create a pipe you will use to control the running sandbox.

    2) If not already done, tell SARndbox to use a control pipe. This is done with the -cp SARndbox.pipe option. I.e. SARndbox -uhm becomes SARndbox -uhm -cp SARndbox.pipe. The pipe names must match in all steps.

    3) Create an alternate color map file. Find “HeightColorMap.cpt” and copy it, in the same folder, to “HeightColorMap-lava.cpt”. The four columns in cpt files are (left to right) elevation, red, green, and blue. Edit “HeightColorMap-lava.cpt” to swap the red and blue values for all elevations below sea level. For example, the first line (“-40.0 0 0 80”) becomes “-40.0 80 0 0”.

    4) Test your new color map in a terminal window. Run echo "colorMap HeightColorMap-lava.cpt" > SARndbox.pipe to change to the lava color map. Run echo "colorMap HeightColorMap.cpt" > SARndbox.pipe to change to the default color map.

    5) Add echo "colorMap <color map file>" > SARndbox.pipe to the “switch” scripts to match the color map to the texture.

    6) Ask questions if you run into problems.

    Sean Robinson


    home/civur/src/scripts/weather.sha probably does not exist, I believe you meant /home/civur/src/scripts/weather.sh.

    But, are you using “civur” as your sandbox login name? If not, replace “civur” with your sandbox login name. That is, /home/civur/src/scripts/weather.sh might become /home/leonard16/src/scripts/weather.sh.

    Also, when I press the “5” button, it closes the sandbox aplication, the same with the “6” button, the aplication freeze and then close.

    I suspect, like the initial post from @nicolas-mendoza, the failed weather script is crashing the sandbox software. Do you see any errors if you start the sandbox from a terminal window?


    So, I tried again, and I’m facing the same troubles, I get a “No such file or directory” my sandbox scripts are saved at the following configuration /home/alfredo/src/scripts

    I Just don’t know why I have this error, I paste the exact same things that are on the Google Drive document, help, pls.

    Sean Robinson

    Please post a transcript of a terminal session where you run the failing command and the errors you receive. Also, include the output of the terminal command ls -lR ~/src/scripts and the contents of /home/alfredo/src/scripts/weather.sh.

    I suspect you have all the pieces in place and it is just a matter of patching them together.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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