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    R. Kreutel

    Thanks for pointing me somewhere. As it is:
    We do have a Xeon E5 1630, 32GB RAM and a GTX1070 (8GB) running Linux Mint 20.3 with the proprietary Nvidia-Driver (v470?).

    I just ran the EarthModel as well as the glxgears, both revolving happily over the still image from the Sandbox. And everything else is perfectly responsive, I can stop and run both at leisure, open terminals, use a browser – you name it. The Sandbox Menus do open as well.

    Next step will be to re-seat RAM and video card, though I do not expect to learn anything from that.

    What I noticed is that the system report of Mint shows incidents, though I do not get any additional information there (“no package found”).
    Maybe there is a debug mode within the box?

    And I will disable my modifications to the code and see if that changes anything. Basically, I added a permanent water level and two more options for the control pipe (flooding/draining), because I control the box from a tablet with a web interface via shell scripts executed by a local web server.

    Just wanted to look active, I will get back here when the testing will have gone a little further.

    Thanks again

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    in reply to: Image freezes though Box runs #2087
    R. Kreutel

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I don’t believe in a power management issue, because sometimes it hangs only seconds after starting. And the issue came up without any changes to hard- or software, the box is usually offline.
    And it’s not a real wakeup. As soon as the mouse stops, the image does, too.

    On the upside: The rebuild runs stable, it may turn out to have been a good idea anyway. Some things are much quicker/clearer/easier as when I did it first time. Maybe some of my changes to the original code caused it – the features we modified are included in the stock version as of now (toggling contour lines).

    For the time being, I think I will stop investigating and invest in recreating.

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