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    R. Kreutel

    Hi, found the new forum.
    My Sandbox here in Berlin lately shows a curious behaviour: The Image freezes (but not when there’s mouse motion), but OS and Boxsoftware are still responsive. This does happen most of the days, but not always. Sometimes after seconds, sometimes it runs stable for hours. As I did not (knowingly) change anything, this seems odd. Updating Box and OS did not do any good (yes, of course, here I did change something) besides creating seemingly random freezing instead of a regular one. System resources like RAM and CPU are no problem.

    Has someone else seen this behaviour? Where would I look for a reason?
    What I will do for now is put in another drive and rebuild everything from scratch. But having it running in a reliably fashion as it is would be better, of course.


    When it freezes, does it wake up again when you move the mouse or press a key? What kind of OS and desktop environment are you running? It might be that the OS puts the desktop in some form of low-power mode when it doesn’t detect user input for a while. There is code in the SARndbox application to prevent that, but some desktop systems might ignore that.

    R. Kreutel

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I don’t believe in a power management issue, because sometimes it hangs only seconds after starting. And the issue came up without any changes to hard- or software, the box is usually offline.
    And it’s not a real wakeup. As soon as the mouse stops, the image does, too.

    On the upside: The rebuild runs stable, it may turn out to have been a good idea anyway. Some things are much quicker/clearer/easier as when I did it first time. Maybe some of my changes to the original code caused it – the features we modified are included in the stock version as of now (toggling contour lines).

    For the time being, I think I will stop investigating and invest in recreating.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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