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    Folks, we are in the process of migrating old, but hopefully still relevant, posts from the defunct previous AR Sandbox forum at / to this new forum.

    You will be seeing posts by user “Archivist,” which will be digests of posts or threads on the old forum, manually recovered from the Internet Archive by a student assistant.

    As we are not able to retain the original post dates, and some of those posts have timed information in them (such as hardware suggestions etc.), the posts will contain notes about when they were originally posted on the old forum.

    We hope that this will prove useful.


    This is fantastic news!

    Thank you!

    Any way a small team like ours that is brand new to this project can help?

    Thanks to @skrobinson, as example, Linux Mint MATE 21 now works with VRUI.
    We’re currently trying to have success with Kinect and are currently stuck.

    Nicolas Mendoza

    Hey guys, part of the forum was archived in the waybackmachine, you might find answers to some problems.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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