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    Hello guys,

    I’m new to AR Sandbox and just started installing the VRui package.
    I installed the latest Linux Mint Victoria 21.2 before knowing this package libdc1394-22-dev has been removed after Mint 19 but is it still possible to install libdc1394-22-dev to it using other ways or do I have to downgrade the OS to 20 or 19 or reinstall it?

    I tried to install libdc1394-dev because libdc1394-22-dev has been superseded, so I was thinking about installing it and then changing the name back to libdc1394-22-dev. Is that possible?

    Thanks very much!

    Sean Robinson

    You are not the first to encounter this problem.

    has made updates to the script for LM 21.

    is running the sandbox in an Ubuntu 18.04 container on an Ubuntu 22.04 host.

    A third option would be to install LM 19. This is the latest “officially” supported version, but your IT department may not like a post-end-of-life OS on their network.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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