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    I would like to confirm what Linux distribution is necessary to run the AR sandbox. According to the orinal instructions, it should be a Linux Mint distribution. I am trying to get a desktop to build the AR sandbox from the IT department at my university and they were surprised as they do not often install that distribution. Would an Ubuntu distribution work alright?

    I must admit I am completely new to Linux.


    Sean Robinson

    Welcome to Linux and this forum.

    Yes, the AR Sandbox will work with Ubuntu. Linux Mint (LM) is Ubuntu with additions and tweaks. The AR Sandbox software will work with most distributions of Linux.

    You IT department might not like that the sandbox has not been updated to work on more recent versions of LM or Ubuntu. Your options are to use Ubuntu 18.04 (LM 19.3) as the currently recommended OS or use a newer version of Ubuntu (i.e. 22.05) and account for the differences.

    One approach for a newer OS, as lead by @solanic, is to update the script. A second approach created by @marcocspc, is to run the sandbox in a container.


    Hello, will the AR sandbox work on Red Hat Enterprise Linux? My uni IT department was surprised I needed to install Linux Mint too. Thanks!

    Sean Robinson

    Welcome to the forum.

    Yes, the AR Sandbox should work on RHEL. There will be differences in the software installation steps. As a start, you can try the script instead of the script (Fedora is to RHEL as Ubuntu is to Linux Mint).

    AR Sandbox installation has been widely tested and documented on Linux Mint. If you are a Linux novice and don’t have someone to help debug installation difficulties on RHEL, I recommend you try Linux Mint.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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