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    The old AR Sandbox software installation mechanism has been causing problems recently because several system packages have changed names in current Debian-based Linux distributions. The issue is that I am locked out of that web site at the moment and cannot update the installation scripts.

    Anyway, I have been developing a new software distribution mechanism for Vrui and Vrui applications that we can try. It greatly simplifies things.

    Step 1: Install the PullPackage manager. From a terminal window, run the following:

    cd ~
    bash ./PullPackage PullPackage

    (This will ask for your password.)

    After that command completes, you can safely delete the file you just downloaded:

    rm ./PullPackage

    Step 2: Install Vrui. From a terminal window, run the following:

    PullPackage Vrui

    Vrui will be installed in /opt/Vrui-<version>, e.g., /opt/Vrui-10.2 Per-user configuration data, like application-specific tool bindings, will be in ~/.config/Vrui-<version>, e.g., /home/username/.config/Vrui-10.2.

    Step 3: Install the Kinect 3D video package. From a terminal window, run the following:

    PullPackage Kinect

    Kinect will be installed inside the Vrui installation in /opt. Importantly, camera calibration files (intrinsic parameters, depth correction parameters, …) will be found in /opt/Vrui-<vrui version>/etc/Kinect-<kinect version>, e.g., /opt/Vrui-10.2/etc/Kinect-3.15.

    Step 4: Install the SARndbox package. From a terminal window, run the following:

    PullPackage SARndbox

    SARndbox will be installed in /opt/SARndbox-<version>, e.g., /opt/SARndbox-2.12. Importantly, SARndbox configuration files (BoxLayout.txt, ProjectorMatrix.dat, …) will be found in /opt/SARndbox-<version>/etc, e.g., /opt/SARndbox-2.12/etc.

    This will also create two template configuration files in ~/.config/Vrui-<version>/Applications: CalibrateProjector.cfg contains settings and tool bindings for the projector calibration utility, and SARndbox.cfg contains settings and common tool bindings for the SARndbox main application.

    The SARndbox installation will additionally create some icons on the desktop, for the most important applications and utilities. There will not be an icon for RawKinectViewer, which needs to be run from a terminal window:

    RawKinectViewer -compress 0

    The calibration steps remain the same as before: retrieve Kinect intrinsic parameters, optionally calculate per-pixel depth correction parameters, measure the sandbox base plane and box extents, calibrate the projector.

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    Thank you for doing this it has been very helpful. I have attempted these steps and they worked for me except during the end of the sandbox app install. I got these errors:

    Creating projector calibration configuration file /home/test/.config/Vrui-10.2/Applications/CalibrateProjector.cfg
    tee: /home/test/.config/Vrui-10.2/Applications/CalibrateProjector.cfg: No such file or directory
    Creating SARndbox configuration file /home/test/.config/Vrui-10.2/Applications/SARndbox.cfg
    tee: /home/test/.config/Vrui-10.2/Applications/SARndbox.cfg: No such file or directory
    Creating per-user configuration file /home/test/.config/SARndbox-2.12/SARndbox.conf
    Installing ARSandbox icon /home/test/.local/share/icons/hicolor/64×64/apps/SARndbox.png
    Package SARndbox, version 2.12, successfully installed

    When I checked the folder structure, the /home/test/.config/Vrui-10.2/Applications folder did not exist.

    Also when ran the RawKinectViewer -compress 0 command I got this error:
    RawKinectViewer: Connected to 3D camera with serial number A70773V03192237A
    Kinect::Camera::getIntrinsicParameters: Could not load intrinsic parameter file /opt/Vrui-10.2/etc/Kinect-3.15/Kinect-3.15/IntrinsicParameters-A70773V03192237A.dat due to exception IO::StandardFile: Unable to open file /opt/Vrui-10.2/etc/Kinect-3.15/Kinect-3.15/IntrinsicParameters-A70773V03192237A.dat for reading due to error 2 (No such file or directory)

    it looks like the viewer is looking for a nested Kinect folder inside the first kinect folder.


    Thank you for the bug report. I fixed the Kinect and SARndbox packages. Please pull both of them again:

    PullPackage Kinect
    PullPackage SARndbox

    and it should work without errors.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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