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    When I shape the sand like as mountain or some other shapes, the projector is giving its image or projection in another position on sand. On screen in pc, contour lines were changing and virtual water is also showing but thw projector is not showing its projection in same position where I shapes the sand. What could be the problems for that?

    Is this a problem during calibration or problem from the beginning during kinect sensor calibration or installation? Can it be possible to use keytone to move the image on right position on sand?

    I will link the image on screen and image on sand.
    1. This is the image on sand. I shape sand on one place. Projector is showing the contour lines and water in another place.

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    1. This is image on pc.
    Sean Robinson

    This looks like you need to recalibrate the Kinect and the projector.

    I recommend starting again at Step 7.

    You will want to recalibrate any time the physical configuration of the sandbox changes.

    Do not use the projector’s keystone feature. Such projector-only tuning is outside the view of the sandbox software and can make calibration more difficult. Use a full projection and let the sandbox software trim is own output.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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