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    Hi, first of all let me say this is an awesome project!

    I’m looking forward to deploy ARSandBox to a museum space where the sand is contained inside a curved area, not a box. How hard would it be to change ARSandBox to accept a curved surface with a mask for the water simulation and the rendering? I have lots of experience with OpenGL and C++ in general.

    My idea would be:
    1) Get a way to align the mask with the projected surface, I can get around this with some hacks I imagine…
    2) Use the mask to also mask the renderer, meaning everything outside of the mask would get a black/transparent pixel
    3) The water simulation looks like its going to be a problem since I haven’t looked into it but maybe I can add some constraints based on the mask?

    At this point I’m just putting out some ideas, to understand what could be done. I would start a similar project using OpenGL but I know how much work goes into this and to prevent wasting efforts, modifying ARSandbox would benefit everyone. Thank you for your time 🙂

    Sean Robinson

    Welcome to the forum.

    With OpenGL and C++ experience, you should have a good start to the changes you want to make. If you have the math background to handle vectors and transformations between 3D spaces, even better.

    The classes in Vrui are used for most of the math in the sandbox. Being familiar with Vrui will likely make your task easier.

    Brainstorming with you… My approach to a circular box would be to fit an equation for a circle or cylinder from Kinect data; this would be an additional calibration step. Make a circular black-and-white texture from the equation and blend it in OpenGL to create a clip region.

    IIUC, the water boundary shader handles removing water that leaves the box edges. So, maybe the same circular texture could be combined with the boundary shader to change the shape of the box edge.

    This is an interesting change to the usual sandbox design. Please share photos/links when your sandbox is complete.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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