A New AR Sandbox Support Forum

Apparently, the AR Sandbox is still a thing and going strong after ten years, with over 850 registered installations world-wide according to the AR Sandbox World Map. There was a lull in new installations and community activity during the initial COVID-19 lockdowns, but things are picking up again, and with that I am seeing an increasing amount of requests for help arriving in my personal email.

An AR Sandbox.

The old AR Sandbox support forum, which was quite active and significantly reduced my support load, not only by allowing me to answer common questions only once instead of dozens of times, but also by community members directly helping each other, unfortunately went down due to hardware problems a good while ago, and there is currently no avenue of getting it back up.

So I decided to create a new AR Sandbox support forum on this here web site, as a hopefully temporary replacement. I was not able to move over any of the old forum content due to not having access to the original database files, which is a major pity because there was a ton of helpful stuff on there. I am hoping that the new forum will accumulate its own set of helpful stuff quickly, and if/when I migrate the forum to a permanent location, I will be able to move all content because I have full access to this web site’s code and database. So here’s hoping.

This is the first forum on this web site, so I hope that things will work right from the start; if not, we’ll figure out how to fix it. Please be patient.

And as a quick reminder: These are the only official AR Sandbox installation instructions. Accept no substitutes.

5 thoughts on “A New AR Sandbox Support Forum

  1. Hello–I think the forum may be glitching. I have been trying to make a followup post since 11/18/22 and keep getting error messages. The first said, “Error: your comment cannot be posted at this time.” The one I’m getting now says, “Error: are you sure you wanted to do that?”

  2. WordPress tells me I already have an account here, but I am unable to log in and attempts to recover my password fail because WordPress is not sending the recovery email. I’m stuck.

  3. I really wish I didn’t have to attempt to get some support by replying here, but I still cannot login to the forum, reset my password (no email is sent) or register a new account. I have questions regarding the Kinect V2 (missing depth image), but I can’t address the issue by posting to the forum since I must be logged in to do so.

  4. I have been having the same problems trying to register for the AR Sandbox forum. I get a message that the email has been sent with my password, but no email arrives. I hope this can be fixed. Thank you

  5. Ditto – trying to register for an account to get help with an issue in installing the vrui vr dev toolkit and am not receiving an email with password 🤔
    Install stalls out at “Linking bin/VisionTest”. Errmsg = lengthy, but basically, “recipe for target ‘bin/VisionTest’ failed” and then the install =quits

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