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    Hey guys, I solved my previus problem and the sandbox is running ok, so I decided to make some improvements, but I don’t know How to do tem, so, help please.

    1- I want to pause the lines that stay between the color levels, they keep on moving and I want to make tem stop or slow down.

    2- I want to learn How to change Textures, like the water, I want to make the water darker when I Dig down, like the ocean, deeper and more blue.

    3- I want to drain the water, I Just have the drain button, and It’s kinda boring to press It all time when I want to drain the water. So I saw that we have a evaporation rate, How do I turn It on?

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    Sean Robinson
    1. “pause the lines”

    Take a look at the “pause topography” discussion in Assign keys for Show DEM and Pause Topography.

    1. “How to change Textures”

    First, some terminology might help your searches. Textures (and shaders) apply effects to the sand (colors, contour lines, and fluid animations). The colormap sets the colors projected onto different elevations.

    Changing textures will allow you to change water to lava or sewage or other fluids, see Switch texture water to lava.

    If you just want to change elevation colors, this can be done by editing “HeightColorMap.cpt” or telling the sandbox to use a new colormap through its control pipe.

    1. “drain the water”

    There are several options, see Drain water in software.

    For the evaporation rate, add a command line parameter when starting the sandbox/ SARndbox -evr 0.25 will set an evaporation rate of 0.25 cm/s.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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