New Adventures in Blogging

Today I learned what happens when an article gets reblogged (is that a word now?) that does not have a picture in it, and apparently an embedded YouTube video does not count as a picture: the blogging software scoops up whatever the first picture below the article headline is, and if that picture happens to be a commenter’s mugshot, so be it. Proof: see Figure 1.

Figure 1: How an article without a picture in the article is represented when reblogged by an artificial “intelligence.”

Note to self: always add a picture. Now I’m curious to see what will happen if this article gets reblogged. After all, it has a picture in it…

4 thoughts on “New Adventures in Blogging

      • Very mu… not really. I guess it’s easer to scrape for pictures than to get a video thumbnail. But if they’re even scraping, why pick the avatar of a commenter? It seems easy enough to tell things apart, especially as it’s loaded from Gravatar :/ blah.

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